A2LA accredited state of the art 10 meter, environmentally controlled, vehicle level, absorber-lined chamber is available to solve your EMC problems. Testing is performed on a 20-foot diameter turn table with a 25,000 pound capacity. Using this procedure the vehicle rotates and the antennas stay in one location minimizing errors found in other test facilities and methods. The chamber door opens to accept vehicles, agricultural equipment or tractor/trailers up to 20 feet wide by 16 feet high.

We understand that many development projects are unique and the below set of standards may not always directly apply. Alternate tests are available. Our staff is on call to assist you in selecting, developing and executing any special needs.

IEC CISPR 12Vehicle RF Radiated Emissions
IEC CISPR 25Vehicle Component RF Emissions
SAE J551-2Vehicle RF Radiated Emissions
SAE J551-11Vehicle level RF Immunity
SAE J1113-2Conducted Immunity, Power Leads
SAE J1113-3Conducted Immunity, Power Injection
SAE J1113-4Conducted Immunity, Bulk Current Injection
SAE J1113-11Vehicle Immunity to Transients
SAE J1113-12Electrical Interference by Conduction and Coupling Clamp Method
SAE J1113-13Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge
SAE J1113-21Vehicle Component Level RF Immunity
SAE J1113-22Immunity to Radiated Magnetic Fields from powere lines
SAE J1113-23Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, Strip Line Method
SAE J1113-26Immunity to AC Power Line Electric Fields
SAE J1113-41Vehicle Component RF Emissions
SAE J1113-42Conducted Transient Emissions
SAE J1455Recommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design (Heavy-Duty Trucks)
ISO 11451-2Vehicle level RF Immunity
ISO 11452-2Vehicle Component Level RF Immunity
ISO 7637-2Vehicle Immunity to Transients
ISO 10605ESD
2004/104/ECRadiated emissions and immunity
UNECE Regulation 10Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicle with regards to electromagnetic compatibility