Commercial and Private Aviation

Working with the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA), Radiometrics staff has not only been involved with EMC testing of aircraft and aircraft components but has also been involved with development of the RTCA/DO160 “Environmental Conditions” standard and RTCA/DO-199 investigation for “Potential Interference to Aircraft Electronic Equipment From Devices Carried Aboard”.

RTCA DO160 Environmental Conditions Airborne Equipment

  • Section 15 Magnetic Effects
  • Section 16 Power Input
  • Section 17 Voltage Spike
  • Section 18 Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility
  • Section 19 Induced Signal Susceptibility
  • Section 20 Radio Frequency Susceptibility
  • Section 21 Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
  • Section 22 Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility
  • Section 25 Electrostatic Discharge

Space Station Electromagnetic Techniques

Our engineering expertise and unique abilities to perform EMC testing on complex equipment has lead Radiometrics to become one of the premier test houses for Space Station and Space Exploration Platforms, EMC testing.

  • SSP-30237E Space Station Electromagnetic Emissions and Susceptibility Requirements
  • SSP 30238 NASA: Space Station Electromagnetic Techniques
  • SSP 30242 NASA: Space Station
  • Mil-Std 461 Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Emissions and Susceptibility – Space Systems, Including Launch Vehicle (see ilitary web page for list of methods)